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Testimonials and Quality Clients

Testimonials below posted from an article featured on the Swimming Science Web Site by G. John Mullen - Editor ?Man, I'm gone for a week and Budd's post took off! Looks like a lot of satisfied customers, keep it up Budd and don't be too late to contact Budd, he is a busy man.?

Flynn Burroughs - Head Coach - STAR Swimming @ UB Amherst - Buffalo NY

?My USA club team has utilized Team Termin's services, including the velocity testing. To have this data available to help make adjustments to a swimmer's stroke technique and then to be able to objectively measure the results of those adjustments, is awesome. Taking advantage of this technology provides athletes an edge over others and accelerates their rate of improvement.?

Frank Tribendis - Wyoming valley West HS Men's and Women's Swimming - contact:

?We used Bud Termin last year. In fact 3 teams took advantage of his video taping at our school. What is unique is that Bud's Professionalism is, was, and continues to be above par.

We had a chance for Bud to do some taping with the velocity meter. It is very unique and made an immediate visual record, data record, and graphic record of technique. We believe that it is such a powerfull tool that we are having Bud come back to our school this fall and video tape with the velocity meter as many strokes as possible with each athlete.

The video and velocity data download extremely easily onto your hard drive. The key is then that Bud takes the time to show you how to sync and use the data to analyze the individual's technique. Our athletes this past championships had 86 total swims. We are proud to say that we ended with 81 personal bests. We never platitude during the season. We just keep continuing to develop and improve. This is a real powerful tool and is easy to use.?

Kevin S. - Former UB Swimmer and Coached by Budd for 2 years.

?I have swam for several different coaches who all had different philosophies and training methods. Of all them Budd's system prepared me better than anything else. Most other systems I swam were pounding out yards and hitting the weight room/track, etc. This allows the swimmer to focus completely on swimming and frees up time (which in college, free time is hard to come by).

The graphs allow for instant feedback on how you (the swimmer) is doing. Also, the full training regime totally eliminates the "fatigue" swimmers often get about mid way through the season, allowing them to train at a high intensity throughout. As Frank noted, this eliminates the plateau as well.

Swimming for Budd my freshman and sophomore years in college was a great treat and I wish I had the opportunity to finish my swimming career with Budd.?

Michael Hurst - University at Buffalo Men?s Swimming Alumni

?I had the privilege to learn from Budd Termin for 3 years as a member of the University at Buffalo Men?s Swim team. Team Termin's methods bring scientific strategy to the sport of swimming in a way that allows for immediate and visible feedback for all aspects of a race.

I, and all of my teammates, appreciated not only having this valuable information at our fingertips, but also having Budd take the time to help analyze the data. This analysis gave us the ability to make adjustments and to train in ways that would improve weaknesses to increase stroke efficiency. This translated into higher race confidence and better ability to carry out race strategy; ultimately, faster racing.

Team Termin has the capability to improve athletes of any level, and to do so in a way that anyone can understand. I encourage anyone to take advantage of the opportunity to improve with Team Termin's help.?

Kevin J.- UB Swimming Alumni

?I had the opportunity to swim for Budd for 4 years and coach with him for one while I was in college. His techniques greatly improved my swimming abilities. I came to UB as an "OK" swimmer and left a conference champion.

As stated above, I too had the experience of having many different coaches over my lengthy career. Not pounding yards enabled me to concentrate more time on my education, which I am greatly appreciative.

I am glad to see such positive responses to Budd's technological breakthroughs in the sport.?

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