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Velocity Meter Telemetry with Synchronized Video

Reduce Drag Using Improved Technique
Identify Correct Stroke Tempo - Enhance Streamline Techniques
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The Best Swimming Stroke Technique Analysis System In The World

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Side By Side Comparison

Comparison of two swimmers side by side doing a breaststroke pullout. The performance times for each swimmer is as follows; For the 100 yard breaststroke, the swimmer on the left goes 1:00.8 and swimmer on the right goes :57.8. Even though both swimmers have vastly different performance times, the tracing demonstrates that at least for this part of the lap, identical techniques. With practice, by gliding less from the initial push-off from the wall, the zero velocity artifact can be eliminated. The black line scrolling across the red tracing is synchronized with the video

Technology Specifically Developed for Swimming Technique

Revolutionize the way you improve your swimming technique with TeamTermin Velocity Meter/Video Telemetry. This groundbreaking technology is set to change the game of swimming performance analysis. Our proprietary engineering ensures the Velocity Meter hardware not only performs at the highest level, but also looks sleek and sophisticated. Backed by over 20 years of experience working with swimmers, coaches, and sports scientists from around the globe, our technology provides instantaneous feedback with super sensitive velocity telemetry synchronized with high-resolution digital video. Say goodbye to the long wait times and tedious exporting and synchronizing processes - with our technology, it's all done in real time.

Our cutting-edge system has been used by Olympians, US National Champions, and two major swimming suit companies in the development of low drag high performance swimming suits. Don't just take our word for it - our technology has been featured in Swimming Technique Magazine and at the World Swimming Symposium in Porto Portugal in 2007. With the combined video/velocity telemetry files, you can easily examine and slow down stroke techniques to improve your swimming performance. Plus, with our user-friendly reader program, coaches and swimmers can view and analyze files without owning the software.

Experience the game-changing technology for yourself by clicking on the link to view our presentation. With TeamTermin Velocity Meter/Video Telemetry, you'll never have to guess again if a change in your stroke, turns, or underwater techniques is improving your performance

Porto Presentation

Velocity Meter - Breaststroke With Synchronized Video

How To Optimize Performance - Breaststroke Underwater Pullout Technique

Introducing the revolutionary technology that will transform the way you approach your swim training: Video/Velocity Telemetry by TeamTermin. With over 20 years of development and innovation, our cutting-edge technology provides coaches and swimmers with the ultimate confidence to make real improvements in technique. Designed with ease of use in mind, our system collects files quickly and efficiently, allowing for easy distribution electronically. Our exclusive "reader program" makes file analysis and viewing a breeze, even for those without the software. Gone are the days of guesswork and uncertainty. Our Video/Velocity Telemetry provides real-time, high-resolution footage and super-sensitive velocity telemetry, giving you instant feedback on your stroke technique. Analyze your performance frame by frame, and slow down or speed up the footage to suit your needs. Join Olympians and US National Champions who have already experienced the benefits of our technology. Take your swimming to the next level with Video/Velocity Telemetry by TeamTermin.

Velocity Meter Push-off and Glide Velocity Decay

This video demonstrates two important components about the drag forces associated with water. You will notice that the instant the swimmers feet loose contact with the wall, velocity immediately begins to decline very quickly. (exponentially) The next feature is based on the mean swimming speed of the swimmer. You can use the curve to precisely find the velocity/time from the wall where the breakout should occur, so you can begin swimming at the intersection of your mean swimming speed and place on the curve where that speed occurs. The goal being to not spend any time below your mean swimming speed by gliding to far from the wall.
The black line scrolling across the red tracing is synchronized with the video.

This method of testing can be accomplished at your location. The equipment has traveled all over the world, so any destination worldwide is possible.

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